Managed IT Support

We provide a wider range of IT support services to meet changing business needs.

You may want to work with Hiteishee as a complete outsource IT department or simply choose us when either you do not feel you have sufficient skill or resource to embark on a particular project.

Choosing from a flexible framework, we offer a customised service, giving as much or as little support as your organisation requires. Our IT support services are cost-effective and tailored to your business needs.

Hiteishee has the experience and expertise to complement your existing skills and resources. We provide a comprehensive menu of support based services tailored to the needs of your organisation.

Please find more information about our services in the following links:

Please find more information about our following services :

At Hiteishee, we aim to provide our clients with a complete on-site hardware support package.

We have extensive experience in servicing & repairing all types of hardware including Servers, PCs, Printers, networking devices, storage devices and peripherals.

Our comprehensive IT support provides you with a choice service levels from a 2, 4 or 8 hour response coupled with a dedicated fix time of 4, 8 or 16 hours.

To top our dedicated SLAs when a faulty item requires workshop attention, we can provide you with a loan substitute free of charge to get you up and running.

As part of our overall support, a fully qualified network engineer who knows your network will attend server faults within the designated response time chosen. The same engineer is responsible for recovering the network equipment in the event of a systems failure.

This will include complete re-installation of the network operating system and restoration of data. This ensures the timely return to a fully operational network system.

The aim is to give you the same skill level time and time again and return the user(s) to where they were as quickly as possible by our engineer taking responsibility for both programs and data.

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Problems with server-based software can be as disruptive as hardware faults on a server. Any changes you introduce to software configurations on servers or workstations can also bring unexpected additional problems.When you experience any problems with the software the ability to call for help and support becomes invaluable.

The Software Support service provides telephone & remote support to assist in trouble-shooting and configuration of software systems on Server and workstation application software. The table below defines the software eligible for support under this service.

Software covered includes but is not limited to:

  • Microsoft NT Server 3.51 and above
  • Microsoft Exchange 5.x and above
  • Microsoft Proxy Server
  • Microsoft Office Including Office Professional
  • ArcServe 5.x and above
  • Seagate Backup Exec 7 and above
  • Network Associates McAfee range of products
  • GFI FaxMaker Server and client
  • Powerchute
  • And Many others...

When you place a call for this service, your call will be logged and a member of our IT support team will respond to you within one hour.

Hiteishee Ltd has established support services with the major software providers, enabling us to escalate even the most severe problems to the ultimate providers of assistance.

If we cannot resolve the problem over the telephone then we will provide on-site support within your dedicated SLA.

Talk to us about your Software Support requirements on0800 999 8080

For many businesses, their network has become their primary method of communicating with their clients. It is therefore crucial that the network infrastructure is always available and operating at peak efficiency.

If any critical software on the network suffers an outage, the downtime can result in lost productivity for the entire business. This is where Remote Monitoring & Support minimises the potential downtime taken to fix problems and get your system up and running.

Our remote monitoring support enables us to provide our customers and their employees with on-demand virtual assistance.

As our customer you receive highly secure support without having to go through multiple phone calls to diagnose problems. This means no more expensive on-site visits or downtime.

What do we provide?

  • Remote monitoring of key network devices such as routers, firewalls and servers.
  • Real time reporting of network devices with instant notification when service indicators reach a warning or critical state.
  • Secure remote access to the server or computer to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve technical issues.
  • Remote control and full access to the computer to diagnose, install updates if necessary and remedy the problem as if the consultant is sitting in front of the computer.

Hiteishee Remote Monitoring & Support delivers comprehensive, support solution freeing clients from the burden of continuous phone calls to engineers and the hassle of blindly troubleshooting problems.

Our IT support service can cover desktop or laptop users immediately and at any time of day, minimising potential lost productivity.

We can assist a client's distributed workforce in an efficient manner, whether they are mobile users, or remote office workers.

Talk to us about your Remote Monitoring and Support requirements on 0800 999 8080

Our standard IT services ensure that skilled IT individuals are always available for any faults you have on your network. However, some customers also require IT engineers to visit their site to carry out technical work that does not relate to day-to-day problems.

For example, many customers have rough idea on the number of machines (PCs/servers) they will need installed throughout the year. This is where ourOn-Site Engineer Service becomes particularly valuable.

Our On-Site engineer package enables clients to book in engineer days in advance of any concrete decision on new IT installations. This gives clients the flexibility to call on technicians as and when required.

Our On-Site Engineer Service ensures:

  • You have a proactive and comprehensive On-site Service to help support your users
  • All travel & parking expenses
  • Half days on-site from either 9am to 1pm or 1.30pm to 5.30pm - Monday to Friday - normal business hours
  • Equally skilled technical IT consultant will be allocated if your chosen engineer is unavailable due to holiday or sickness

Talk to us about your On-site IT Engineer Service requirements on 0800 999 8080

An IT appraisal can be one of the most important elements of maintaining a highly optimised IT infrastructure. At Hiteishee, when we take on your business into our care we do a complete IT appraisal beforehand to ensure you know exactly what is the status of your IT system (equipment/network).

We will conduct a full diagnostic system check in order to help you determine whether simple maintenance or upgrades are necessary. Our appraisal will give you the information needed for you to make accurate decisions on the type of solution that is best fit for purpose. So what does our appraisal comprise? See below:

  • We work with you to help you understand your network and how it could be optimised to best give you maximum utility.
  • We check that you have the correct hardware, software and adequate licensing in place. Many issues can be recognised & resolved at this stage before they have the potential of becoming crippling problems at a later stage.
  • We will also conduct a network/equipment audit at this stage. This will give you the ability to make the sound decisions on any alterations or additions needed.
  • We will check the integrity of your networks security. We will let you know of any configuration issue that could let you down due to unforeseen security breaches to your network.
  • If you have different machines being used for different applications we will help you by giving advice on exactly what you require so that your systems work smoothly and efficiently.
  • We will conduct a critical system checks to ensure that your IT system is not vulnerable to threats such as Viruses and Malware or other forms of email spam. Our IT appraisal will help ensure all system points are checked so that you know if there is any vulnerability with your network. We can also look at any configuration issues with your firewall settings.
  • Our IT appraisal also looks at issues relating to network speed and storage.

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For a small to medium sized enterprise (SME) having holiday/sickness cover could well be an essential requirement for the smooth running of the business whilst core IT staff are on leave whether scheduled or unscheduled.

Rarely can one organization justify an unlimited pool of internal resource. This is why SME's predominantly have a small resource base of specialist staff running their core IT services, perhaps running specialist projects for the business. The loss of core staff even for a short space of time may lead to a reduction in output. This is where Hiteishee can help:

  • We can arrange cover for the necessary continuation of your business thus managing holiday and sickness cover to minimise disruption to customers.
  • For more complex projects we would conduct full system checks on your network so that when the IT manager is on planned holiday or off sick - we would place our own qualified engineer in the company and take care of any outstanding issues and problems that come up in their absence.
  • We would supply a dedicated IT person to cover the period needed. We offer guaranteed continuity of support, there is no need for you to worry about covering periods of absence.
  • We do not tie you in to a contract. We take a fixed daily fee for our time required and give you the professional cover you need - not an admin person who does not really want to get involved.
  • Additional resources are available at short notice, to cope with peak workloads or specific IT projects requiring specialist skills.
  • We can also act as an extension to your in-house IT Support team whether it's niche skills you require or an additional technical staff for peak workload.

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Why desk side assistance? Our desk side assistance support offers a no nonsense flexible approach to IT solutions. The support teams deliver IT support directly to the end user as and when they require general or specialist support.

Our IT personnel have a wealth of experience, allowing us to offer comprehensive support on a range of issues on both software applications and hardware.

We will work with you to resolve any issues as and when they present themselves. In addition to this we also go one step further; we also track common and recurring problems. These problems are flagged, and fed back to our senior IT staff allowing us to track and pinpoint areas of weakness, thus enabling you to take necessary action on problem areas.

A few of the key benefits of our desk side assistance are:

  • Having a pool of expert knowledge to drawn on as and when necessary without a need to pay an annual fee for it
  • Proactive approach to learning when it is practically needed. Our Desk side assistance can help your staff to learn and deal with issues proactively at the time an issue arises with an expert mentor by their side
  • We can offer a flexible approach to scheduled desk side assistance; by the hour or on contract basis
  • We can tailor solutions to meet critical needs of the business whilst controlling the cost on your budget
  • We offer a 'no fix no fee' promise. If we can't help you fix your problem we will not charge you
  • Call out within 24 hours: We offer you a maximum call out time of 24 hours if we cannot fix your problem remotely

Talk to us about your Desk Side Assistance requirements on 0800 999 8080

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