26Aug 2021

Yesterday we published an article outlining the top 25 cybersecurity bad practices demonstrated by businesses today. To accompany this post, we wanted to add one more risky bad habit to his list. It’s something we commonly see being practiced by too many businesses, allowing old company budgeting habits to dictate what a cybersecurity offering should look like. […]

19Aug 2021

The CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) recently started an initiative to create a catalogue of exceptionally risky cybersecurity bad practices. While this will be a welcome and very useful tool once it is complete, only two practices are currently listed. Since cybersecurity and business decisions can be time-sensitive, we wanted to expand on the CISA’s […]

27May 2021

It happens over time, and to all PCs and Laptops, trying to work with a slow computer can be seriously frustrating. Many people today are fairly diligent with the maintenance of their laptop or PC, however it’s surprising how quickly things slow down. Thankfully, you don’t have to trade in your computer just yet. In […]

14Apr 2015

What would you do if disaster struck your offices or IT systems? For many businesses, data and email is at the heart of everything they do. It may also be a regulatory requirement that you keep records and hold your data in the appropriate level of security. Looking after IT for over 150 companies means […]